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ELIMCO works closely with leading power companies, covering the entire process from the generation, transmission and distribution in high and medium voltage lines and networks. This tour includes power generation from conventional power plants,hydraulic and renewable energy to supply the final customer.


The capabilities of ELIMCO in this sector are many, in order to improve the operation of the facility, achieving anincrease in the transport capacity, in the reliability and in the availability.


In renewable energy, ELIMCO has a multidisciplinar team of qualified professionalswith expertise in many cutting edge technologies, working in plant installations, maintenance and operation.


In its commitment to innovation, ELIMCO is an active participant as a memberof CIGRE, a global organization that brings together electrical companies, manufacturers, engineering firms, universities and research centers around the world and aims to facilitate and develop the exchange of expertise among all countries in the field of production and transport of electricity, being one of the most important technical forums for discussion and investigation.