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Press Room > ELIMCO is awarded as contractor by TRANSELEC

ELIMCO is awarded as contractor by TRANSELEC


Elimco was distinguished by Transelec as one of maintenance services suppliers, for its contribution in reducing the failure rate of the transmission lines, one of the greatest achievements during 2013.

In the awards ceremony were presentedNicolas Jimenez, President of Elimco; Maribel Jimenez, Vice President and the General Manager Luis Alberto Ruiz de la Hermosa who in addition to the appreciation also  highlighted the stimulant that it is both for the management team and the workersthemselves to receive a distinction like this one.

Transelec attended by Andrés Kuhlmann, General Manager: Rodrigo López, Vice President of Operations, in addition to executives and employees of the company. During the intervention  Kuhlmann stressed the role of the contractors as strategic partners, emphasizing timely the commitment and the contribution made by ELIMCO, which started to work with Transelec during 2013.

It should be noted that during the ceremony, Elimco also recognized their workers who support Transelec's works in the Management Centre-South Area and Management Central Area.