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Innovation constitutes for ELIMCO a key element for the growth and development of the organization.


ELIMCO's bet on innovation leaves from a Management commitment, transferring it to all the scopes of the company. The Organization adds the experience, capacity, creativity and knowledge of the people who constitutes it in order to obtain products and value added  as well as substantial improvements in their processes.


Innovation for ELIMCO is not restricted to the technological aspect thereof, but also includes the organizational and markets scope. ELIMCO works continuously in having an agile organizational structure that allows to react quickly and efficiently to the market opportunities, throwing innovative and competitive solutions.


The commitment, the motivation and the illusion, combined with the talent, contribute to the strengthening of a sensitized working group towards the attainment of a prosperous future, in which innovation and R&D&i  management acquire a protagonist role.

  • UNE 166002 Certificate 2014
  • Andalusian Award for Business Excellence. Large-sized enterprise category – Innovative Company