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In this Gallery you can see more deeply some works that ELIMCO carries out related to airport infrastructures. These are photos taken in different executed works at Spanish airports.

The main field in which ELIMCO develops this airport activity is the ELECTRIC field, from substations or power plants to supply the services from the Airport to the adaptation and remodelling of any critical load or non-critical of the same.

The images are only a sample of the works that ELIMCO develops inthis field and in which  can be appreciated from power plants(Both building and electrification), as well as works that run in both the side air (installation of visual aids to navigation, adequacy of flight fields to regulations, lighting systems in platform, systems of 400 Hz, etc. ) and works that are carried out on the ground side (in building facilities, centres of data processes, electrical infrastructure for the navigation, control systems and access management, etc. ).

These photos are only a global vision that shows the capacity and versatility of ELIMCO for the development of works in airport environments.



Pictures of Airports

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