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Test Systems

ELIMCO has a large experience in the design, development, manufacturing and testing of test and simulation system. This know-how positions us as point of reference in the national market for this kind of developments.


We are expert on the development of integration test benches, functional test systems, remote ground stations and telemetry hardware and software simulators, equipment and tools for field testing.

Products of Test Systems:

AVIONICS SYSTEM -Automatic Test Bench

Functional Automatic Test System which allows to check all the Navigation, Communications and Electronic War Systems in a Single T...

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Electrical Tester

This Functional Automatic Test System allows to check Electrical System on its totality, with continuity, insulation and high vol...

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Pressaim Pressurization Test Bench

This bench controls and supervises the compressed air provision during the execution of the resistances and pressurization tests ...

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System Integration Bench

The A400M COMMs System Integration Bench is a laboratory test tool designed to support and validate the A400M Communications syste...

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