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Land information is expressed by means of GIS tools. This has been a revolution, because it has been a great step forward for the management and analysis of our environment.


ELIMCO is well aware of the progessive importance of cartography in the non-profesional spheres, which have been, until recently, the most interested in it and the only able to access it.


Therefore, from the guidelines of this line of work, it is intended to attract that public demand and to make the public aware of the great and diverse geography knowledge that they can easily access.


Traditionally, both computer science and cartography have been exclusively studied by proffesionals on those fields. For the general public, there are great barriers in the use of those systems: extremely expensive, customized systems, complex user interfaces, poor interaction capabilities and counter-intuitive displays.


Furthermore, products developed by cartography experts are too complex and austere for the average and incidental user while, on the other hand, many products developed by computer systems engineers have a lack of power, flexibilty and specialized knowledege.


For all these reasons, ELIMCO SISTEMAS has gathered power, flexibility and user friendly features in its CONDOR technology. In conclusion, we develop complete, powerful, flexible, easy to use and visually expectacular Geographic Information Systems.

Products of GIS:

Application for Geographic Information Download (GeoDescargas)

GeoDescargas is a web system that allows the download of information via torrent technology. Selected information can be obtained ...

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Geoportales / IDE

Design, installation, integration, configuration and implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI nodes) and completely cus...

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GEOTPV, Georeferenced Products Sales Station

It is a catalog of products installed in an interactive or web sales station, allowing users to find and purchase an item located ...

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Information Systems for Thematic Map Generation (SIGMAT)

SIGMAT is a comprehensive system for the generation of highly customized thematic maps from data sources of various kinds. This sy...

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Land Information Spreading in DVD

We offer services for creating and customizing outreach projects for creating interactive thematic guides as Protected Natural Are...

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Management System for Pavement Surface State(SIGES)

Through an inventory of damaged pavement surface, this system enables the monitoring and evaluation of the ICP, maintenance planni...

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