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CONDOR cartography product suite developed by ELIMCO SITEMAS was born within the philosophy of providing proffesional solutions to those working with cartography, making decisions based on it or simply to those seeking to achieve a more realistic, attractive, original, and efficient spreading of the information. It is aimed to be a support tool for providing value added features to the activities related with cartography.


Condor offers a complete proffesional package composed by 5 prodcuts, which can be purchased depending on the user needs:

Products of GIS - CONDOR:

Condor Release 4

2D/3D Viewer which has ensured that power, flexibility and ease of use do not conflict. Therefore our aim has been that this produ...

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Is the tool for management and configuration of contents and capabilities of Condor Viewer Release 4. It focuses on creating and m...

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G2 is a Viewer for import / export Geographic Information, project-oriented files. It allows the mosaicing of images as well as ex...

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It is an Application Server in charge of providing web clients information about served applications and, if necessary, sending th...

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It is a cartography server that allows web availability of geographic information, optimizing the consumption of bandwidth to achi...

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