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Onboard Equipment

ELIMCO has a large experience in the design, development, manufacturing and testing of on-board equipment. This know-how positions us as an important supplier, point of reference in the national market of avionic systems of own development.


Our deep know-how and commitment with our customers, jointed with our international presence taking part of international and significant projects, programs and consortiums, are key factors with a level of competitiveness difficult to make equal.


ELIMCO is specialist in the complete Product Lifecycle: Design, Documentation, Manufacturing, Integration, Pre-Certification, Certification, Mass-production, In accordance with the norms and special conditions of each application.

Products of Onboard Equipment:

Blanking Interface UNIT-BIU

Electronic equipment with discrete combinational logic used for validating and transmitting the control signals depending on certa...

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Current Sensor Shunts

High accuracy current sensor. This equipment, designed and made to measure according to the aircraft itself ant its power supply s...

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Position (Angular) Sensor Rudder

Transducer that converts the angular position of the equipment axis into a double and redundant electrical signal.

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USB Extender

Equipment which allows to increase the range of the USB communications in 5 metres for each USB Extender used in cascade.

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Self-powered USB HUB 2.0 High Speed (up to 480 Mb/s). It allows to have several USB ports from a single one.

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UVF - Electronic Equipment Circuits Combinational Logic

Electronic Equipment with discrete combinational logic used for validating and transmitting control signals depending of several c...

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