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Automation and Simulation

ELIMCO is specialist in engineering, development of automation, control systems and hardware and software simulation tools

Products of Automation and Simulation:

Air Navigation Radio Aids Monitoring System

This system monitors and controls the main functions of the equipment for air navigation aids (NDB, VOR, DME, NDB, ILS ...) and au...

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Cockpit Flight Simulator

ELIMCO develops simulation systems for many different fields, from real equipment simulation to virtual reality simulations.

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Monitoring and Control System for Water Infrastructure

It is a system for monitoring and controlling all kinds of water infrastructure: water supply and sewerage networks, treatment and...

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Railroad sensors and Auscultation Systems Integration System

This system acquires and integrate data from very different sensors related to railroads and trains, for monitoring and management...

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Technological Infrastructures and Buildings Control Systems

It is a system for monitoring and control of electrical, uninterrupted power supply systems, generators, HVAC equipment technology...

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