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Facilities & Services

ELIMCO is an engineering of electrical systems that offers a comprehensive service to the client. From the design, execution and assembly of facilities, to the later integral maintenance and beginning.


ELIMCO covers all the activities related to electrical field, from generation systems, transports and distribution, as well as all the consumption systems all focused to the well-being of the society, as much at national level as international.

Lines of Business of Facilities & Services:

Installations and Assemblies

The company has an extensive experience in the construction of industrial, public and telecommunications facilities. Betting on tu...

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Monitoring and auditing of facilities, integral maintenance and maintenance engineering are some of the areas in which ELIMCO deve...

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency1

For the implementation of renewable energy projects, the company has a technical team specialized in assembly, maintenance, repair...

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