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Lines of Business > Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV)

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV)

ELIMCO specializes in the design, development and integration of mini and tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAV). Our UAVs can perform both military and civil missions.
On the military and security field, ELIMCO UAVs have proven to be an excellent tool to be used in all types of operations and security duties, as they are synonymous with cost savings, much greater technical possibilities and of course protection of human lives in dangerous situations.


The civil and commercial market has an enormous potential and ELIMCO is prepared to offer not just a UAV with the best performance, but an integral service that will report a concrete utility to the customer.


ELIMCO provides the following services based on UAVs:

Lines of Business of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV):


Applications: Control of agricultural subsidies, Detection of water stress on crops for efficient water management, Detection of n...

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Applications: Communications link platform, Network Planification

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Defense and Security

Applications: Support to state institutions in the fight against illegal activities (drugs, illegal immigration, illegal fishing ....

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Earth Observation

Applications: Frequently updating of cartographic and cadastral databases, Detection of illegal buildings, Film and TV, Supporting...

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Emergency Management

Applications: Fire monitoring (before, during and after) both day and night, Assessment of damage due to natural disasters (earthq...

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Applications: Studies and assessment of Environmental impact, Monitoring of environmental parameters, Detection of greenhouse gas ...

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Applications: Indicators for water quality in rivers, lakes, marshes..., State of the ground (vegetation, Monitoring of flora and ...

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Infrastructure Monitoring and Inspection


Applications: Lines of high and medium voltage, Oil Pipelines, Gas Pipelines, Roads, Railways, Civil works, Energy Efficiency, Tel...

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Applications: Observation of operations with aerial coordination needs, Control and monitoring of mineral exploitation and its env...

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